Why Ferri ... ?

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Bak Ferenc - BakFeri (Ferenc (hu) = Francis ) Ferri - Feri

and not Ferry, Fery, Feco, Fero

Unfortunately, neither of the Ferrari sponsors  :(

Ferri's is not my business, my relatives do not have a true artist named Ferri ...

"Ferri ... Why?" Several of the questions put to me ...

In November 2003, when I got there, I would like to

one's own web site, your own domain name had to do

what to choose domain name. I wanted something, which

about me, which refers to me. Because of my honest name

Bak Francis, could have been a good, but it is too

long, and it would have been too specific. The the serious

appeared, but it would have been good for the However, it turned out to have

both of them seized me. The family name would have liked

the, but had already made it a rule that

matches the name of the only local municipality to register,

they have precedence over it or something like that ... Thought

also referred to in vain, that this is my last names if you accidentally

managed to obtain, it is, therefore, I'm going to lose ...

Moreover, it is a known file extension, even

internationally would have been good ... : (

Of course at that time were considered at the time was often used

nicknames such as,, but I

they do not really impressed. This came after that, what would happen if

Feri the spelling of "rectifying" a little bit.

Fers is not the winning, the Fery did not come in with the y

in the end. Then jumped in, that would push the letter R

a little bit, and I've also heard it, Ferri ...

And liked it, good find, I think it was possible

best choice. I like it! :)

The BakFerri, BFerri, Ferri_hu which have occurred later.

Unfortunately there is not much to do with the Ferrari car, just enough to

I like the Ferrari-t. So, if you do not get one for free

offended me ... :) Of course, the F1 was also a favorite

the Ferrari team. Felipe Massa is my favorite pilots. the

Ferrari's Brazilian driver. Not so relative, and there's nothing

For example, the following relationship:

Actress Irene Ferri,

Mario Ferri ran into a man

Italian ballerina Alessandra Ferri,

Ferry named artist etc..


As I am:

Bak Feri, Bak Ferenc, BFerri,, BakFerri

Bak Feri, Bak Ferenc, BFerri,, BakFerri HU (Ferenc) Hu nickname Ferri = Francis ( US , EN )

Translation: I'm a little bit and


CV - Curriculum Vitae

Kategória: Rólam
Megjelent: 2011. december 26. hétfő Írta: BakFerri
Even in the last century, was born in the early '70s.

Companions, like a very young age, I saw a little boy

the light of day. At the time there was not wont to Hadji,

the baby and then decide who you want to be, boy, girl

or anything else ...

So, I'm an ordinary boy who was born a boy

While already a mature male / paper:) /, but remained a

I think a good sense of self is childish.

Female my mother, my father Male




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